What Does Sheep Milk Taste Like?

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Are you thinking, thanks, but no thanks? For some, the idea of drinking milk from a sheep seems odd, but people have been doing it for thousands of years.

Sheep Milk Flavour

So, what does sheep milk taste like? Sheep milk has a very subtle almost sweet flavour that’s very similar to cow milk. It’s not “sheepy” at all!

Because sheep milk has a higher fat content, it has a silky, creamy texture in your mouth, but doesn’t leave a fatty residue. Additionally, sheep milk’s higher protein content helps contribute to its more distinct flavour.

Factors such as the breed of sheep and their diet can also affect the flavour of their milk, as is the case with cows. Jones Family Farm’s sheep are grass-fed, producing a better flavour.

Watch people trying sheep milk for the first time!

If you can’t watch the video above, don’t worry! You won’t miss out. Here’s what some people trying sheep milk for the first time had to say:

  • “I drink a lot of milk, usually with cookies, so this is a nice drink of milk. It’s got that smoothness and creaminess”
  • “I like it and I don’t normally like milk! It’s creamy without being fatty. Actually, it’s really nice, it’s just got something about it. It’s got body but doesn’t have that kind of horrible fatty taste that [cow] milk’s got”
  • “A flat white made with the sheep’s milk tastes really good. I wouldn’t notice too much difference between this made with sheep’s milk and with cow’s milk, but it seems to be a little bit smoother. I really like it”

Is sheep milk gamey? No. Don’t think of the earthy, gamey, or salty flavour of goat milk; while they may belong to the same subfamily (Caprinae) there is a lot of difference in flavour.

What is sheep milk like in a coffee? For a start, sheep milk has a creamier, ever-so-slightly sweeter taste than that of cow milk. Some sugar lovers might even stop putting sugar in their lattes made with sheep milk or reduce the amount of sugar.

Since sheep milk’s fat globules are naturally homogenised (small and well-dispersed), your latte ends with a creamy, long-lasting foam with a great subtle flavour.

… and if coffee is not your thing, then just pour yourself a glass of rich creamy sheep milk and drink it straight!

jones family farm sheep milk poured from a bottle into a glass sat next to a cheese block

Say Cheese!

And, when it comes to the cheese made from sheep milk, it’s deliciously creamy!

There’s about twice the amount of butterfat in sheep milk when compared to cow and goat milk. Sheep milk has the most milk solids, so less milk is required to make cheese (or, the same amount of milk produces more cheese!).

It also makes for richer creamier cheese due to the small size and low density of the fat globules.

jones family farm sheep milk cheese (creamy havarti) served on crackers accompanied by pomegranate

Sheep Milk in Cooking/Baking

Use sheep milk in your baking as you would any other milk! Its flavour is only going to improve your cooking. Check out our great range of sheep milk recipes for inspiration.

In Conclusion

It seems like an oxymoron. Fattier milk without the fatty residue; sheep come from the same subfamily as a goat, but without the gamey flavour; slightly sweet? We think sheep milk tastes good with its subtle, “clean” flavour and no gamey aftertaste.

Sheep milk has a unique flavour that is often described as richer and more complex than cow’s milk. The difference in flavours between sheep milk, goat milk and cow milk comes down to the nutritional composition, primarily the fat and protein content.

(And, if all this talk of fat has you worried about your health, we’ve written an article on the structure of the fat content in sheep milk and how there are more beneficial fats. Finally, you can also find out more about the wide range of other benefits of sheep’s milk.)

Ready to buy some fresh sheep milk or some sheep milk cheese? Head to our online store to browse our sheep milk products or view our list of stockists!

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