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Sheep Milk Cheese and Milk

Jones Family Farm provides nutritious New Zealand sheep milk and sheep milk cheese for everyday people seeking bovine and plant-based dairy alternatives.  

Jones Family Farm is the result of Matt and Tracey Jones’ need for a dairy alternative for food allergies within their family. A dairy that was both gentle on the stomach and on the environment – what they found was sheep milk.  

Easily digestible, better for gut health and with higher essential amino acids than cow’s milk, sheep milk has been providing health benefits since people have been domesticating animals for agricultural use. 

Our fresh sheep milk is now available online, and orders are coming in from our supermarkets so keep an eye out for stockists. 

While you are shopping pick up our Creamy Havarti or Classic Gouda sheep milk cheeses in your local supermarkets or shop with us here

Find out more about the wonders of sheep milk here.  
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