Sheep Milk Recipes

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We’re all about savouring the awesomeness of sheep milk products. Sheep’s Milk isn’t your run-of-the-mill dairy. It’s luxuriously creamy and super versatile in the kitchen. Plus, your gut will love you for it (if you haven’t yet discovered the health benefits of sheep milk, check out our Ewesful Information)!

We’ve curated a selection of sheep milk recipes from top New Zealand chefs and some of our wonderful customers, and we’ve also put our spin on some classics. Whether you’re a professional chef or just love whipping up something delicious at home, our recipes have you covered.

Included is a range of savoury and sweet treats – everything from cheese boards and side dishes to sumptuous desserts, all designed to make sheep milk dairy products shine. Whether you’re cooking to impress or just treating yourself to an epic platter while watching the game, our recipes are sure to inspire.

Additionally, sheep milk can be a fantastic choice for those with dairy sensitivities as it only contains A2 casein protein, which is easier on the digestive system for most people. So, if you’ve been searching for a dairy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition, consider sheep milk and the delicious possibilities it offers!

sheep milk cheese board ideas

Cheese Boards

Sheep’s Milk Havarti Polenta Chips with Wild Plum Sauce

Savoury Dishes

Sheep’s Milk Custard poured over elderflower and hazelnut cake

Sweet Treats

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