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Introducing Soft Plastic Milk Pouch Recycling!​

At Jones Family Farm, we take pride in our eco-friendly approach and continuously strive to improve our environmental sustainability.

Our 1.5L sheep milk pouches are crafted from soft, recyclable plastic, setting the stage for their second act. When you choose our milk, you’re not only indulging in the goodness of sheep milk but also actively participating in a cycle of renewal, helping preserve the environment for generations to come.

Once you’ve enjoyed every drop of our wholesome sheep milk, these pouches embark on an exciting transformation.

In partnership with Future Post, we ensure these pouches are responsibly recycled right here in New Zealand. The magic happens when they’re transformed into 100% recycled plastic fence posts, strengthening the beautiful landscapes of Jones Family Farm and Sheep Milk New Zealand’s suppliers.

It’s a full-circle story of sustainability, where every choice you make leaves a positive impact. Join the journey and sip with purpose! Together, let’s embrace a future where recycling, farming, and nature thrive in harmony.

How To Recycle Your Milk Pouch

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  1. Once your milk is finished, cut the pouch open and rinse clean.
  2. Let the pouch air dry.
  3. Return the pouch to your nearest collection facility.
  4. Your pouches become fence posts with Future Post!

Did you know you can also recycle our cheese packaging and your other soft plastics too?

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