Meet the Joneses

Meet the Joneses:  Matt, Tracey, Annabelle, Gabrielle and Samantha. They are the people in the Jones Family Farm caricature below. 

A farming family devoted as much to the land as they are to the animals that live on it. They would also like to mention they are devoted to each other, but doubtless to say there may be a lot of teenage eye-rolling.

It’s busy on the farm. There’s the farm to run, a factory to maintain and a cheesemaker to keep happy. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Joneses are busy in the community, supporting local sports and educating rural and urban kids about real food production, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Matt and Tracey Jones with sheep

So how did this all begin?

Tracey comes from a sheep farming family in Methven, and Matt has been working with sheep since he was 16 years old, but neither had any experience in milking.

In fact, up until a few years ago, the idea would never have crossed their minds, except Matt and Tracey needed a better dairy alternative for the family. Their daughter Gabrielle had been diagnosed with food allergies and dairy intolerance creating gut and skin issues while Tracey had battled gut health problems most of her life.

This is a story about family, devotion and, of course, plenty of hard work!

It was when Tracey was mixing goat milk powder for Gabrielle that she thought ‘There must be something better than this’. Frustrated by a lack of options for easily digestible milk, Tracey started researching dairy alternatives from plant-based to other animal-based systems. 

She researched dairy that could be digested by someone with lactose intolerance, that could support gut health, not exacerbate eczema, and also provide a nutritional drink for her toddler. What started as research for gut health took the Joneses on a journey to find a product that also had topical health benefits for the skin.

Sheep milk seemed to be the miracle cure, healing from the inside and out, and it was right on their doorstep. 

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