Peppered Havarti (120g) Sheep Milk Cheese


This lusciously creamy and smooth Havarti cheese is well balanced and mild enough to suit all palates.  With a peppery outer layer, it blends in your mouth to offer an artful balance of delicious intrigue.


Havarti cheese is traditionally a cow’s milk cheese originating from Denmark, and while we love traditional at Jones Family Farm, we also like to mix things up.  That’s why we have brought you Havarti sheep’s milk cheese. We want Havarti lovers to be able to experience our sheep milk version of this classic Danish cheese.

Our Havarti is a fabulous versatile cheese, great for anything from a cheese board paired with fruit, nuts, and crackers to melted on toasties, pasta, or pizza.  Why not try it with smoked paprika in a creamy cheese sauce?

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Shelf Life

Six months from delivery

Storage Temperature Range

5°C or lower





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