Sheep Milking Programme: A Free Training for Schools

The Jones Family Farm is a working farm with a vision for people of all ages to engage with local and global ecological challenges in our unique and beautiful Canterbury landscape.

Through our Sheep Milking Programme, we demonstrate best practices, hands-on environmentalism, and sustainable business principles while teaching students where their food comes from.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming, inclusive education centre that connects our rural and urban communities to grow young minds, share conversations, explore solutions and celebrate the story of the primary sector and the food we eat.

We offer a mix of formal and informal programmes delivered through workshops and practical educational courses.

The centre promotes the role of sustainable food-growing practices in diverse urban communities. It’s a place for agriculture, food production, community participation, innovation and collaboration, showcasing sustainable design and management.

Fostering the exchange of skills and knowledge, we engage members of our local community in life-long learning through inclusive community involvement, education and sustainable living practices.

Visitors to the centre benefit from diverse social interaction, networking, education on improved food options, exercise, and hands-on experience.

happy sheep produce delicious sheep milk

Sheep Milking Programme Overview

Our monthly programme offers an interactive learning experience for students to gain practical and theoretical knowledge about farming practices and the chance to learn where their food comes from.

Additionally, the programme includes optional field trips to showcase practical demonstrations, discussion sessions, quizzes, worksheets, and more.

Our course encompasses subjects relevant to New Zealand’s secondary school curriculum, including biology, agricultural sciences, chemistry, and environmental studies, to name a few. We also offer a version of the course suited to primary and intermediate school levels.

The monthly session is delivered online via a live webinar and the general structure is as follows:

  • Livestock: observe the sheep’s progress – weight gain, milk production etc.,
  • Weather: the effects of the month’s weather on the farm’s production and stock
  • Feeding: what the flock is getting, why, and how much (kgDM)
  • Farm Production: sheep milk production and the food made from it

Getting in Touch

If you’re interested in more information on specific topics covered or booking a place for your class on our free Sheep Milking Programme, you can reach us via:

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